Monday, September 13, 2010

Young Israelis are moving to Berlin in droves.

 The Holocaust was a horrific act that still enrages many all over the world. Germany became very much hated by the affected Jews for good reason but time has passed and many have come to put it in the past and look past it. It seems that today Berlin has become a place full of freedom and comfort for many young Jewish Israeli students. The article discusses the growing migration of  Israeli Jews to Germany many of them students in search of art expression as well as for security purposes. It seems that Germany has turn away from its anti Jews view and embraces the Jewish culture much more making the growing Jewish population to feel Germany embodies freedom tolerance and an easy going spirit.  An example of this is Nirit Bailer Hebrew radio stations. Nirit granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor provides music talks and interviews all in Hebrew which attract many Jewish listener in Germany. According to the article the German's and Jews can live in harmony embracing each others  culture and accepting there past and not letting it get between them today.

In my opinion Jews migrating to Germany is a good thing. It shows how much people have grown to look past such a horrible past between the two culture and have embraced each other in order to live in harmony. Although its safe to say the many Jews still aren't fond of the Germans and to many this seems out rages it is occurring. As stated in the article the exact number of Israeli that migrated to Germany is not known. It can be said that its a relatively small number compared to the Jewish population in Germany that before the Nazi came in to power. Collecting the correct data of such migration number would help give the article more credibility. Only time will tell if this migration of Israeli Jew will consistently grow. The conflict of the middle east can be a cause for some of this migration to Germany as well as other places in search of stability and peace. 

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